Top ways to enjoy live Music

Live Music

Live music helps us connect, build memories, enhance social interactions, improve mood, create new ideas and even heal ourselves. If you want to get the most out of your time at a concert, try these things to take back home with you.

Be present in Live Music

The best concerts are those that make you feel as if you’re sharing the experience with everyone else in the room. The acoustics can amplify your voice and the energy of the crowd, so be open to what they have to share. You don’t need to speak loudly, but let yourself enjoy being part of the moment.

Find your people

You may not know where you fit into the scene; it might be loud or there could be more than one band playing. So find the spot where everyone around you seems comfortable — whether it’s on stage or just off-stage. There you will meet like-minded fans who are willing to tell stories about their favourite bands and share recommendations about which shows to see next.

Know your limits in Music

Don’t overdo it! Make sure you drink plenty of water before heading to the show because dehydration can lead to fatigue. And once you arrive, have some food handy for when the lights go down. It can be tough to keep up energy levels while moving from place to place during a large show.

Listen to Music Live

If you want to fully immerse yourself in an experience, you’ll need to give it your full attention. Concerts are often loud, so turn off distractions such as your phone and put away any reading material. This is also a good opportunity to learn how to use volume controls properly.

Feel free to dance

No matter your age, dancing is fun. Whether you’re boogying along to “Titanium” by Skrillex, jumping around to “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga, or shaking your booty to “Sex On Fire” by Kings of Leon, you’ll have a great time at the live event. Just remember to have fun responsibly!

Get inspired

Your ears aren’t the only thing that should be getting stimulated. Your eyes will want to focus on the performers onstage. Hence, you’ll likely find yourself distracted by everything going on around you. Take advantage of this moment to soak in all of the sights: the flashing lights, bright colours, and big screens. Seeing the artists perform on a huge scale is inspiring. Look for something you haven’t seen before, too.

Let loose

Even though you probably won’t find yourself losing control in a packed stadium, singing along to “Roar” by Katy Perry is always a nice way to close out your night. Don’t worry about looking silly—you didn’t come to a gig to look cool. You came to celebrate life, love, and rock n roll.

Have fun!

Soak up every second of your concert experience, and don’t forget to smile. When you leave the venue, you’ll want to recreate the feeling of going crazy in the middle of the arena — and smiling is an important part of doing that.


Once you return home, you’ll likely still be buzzing from the excitement of your adventure. A little extra credit can help you calm down a bit, and nothing does that quite like a shot of whiskey (or two). Try to save every last minute of your live-music adventures, knowing that you were able to make someone’s day better.


This was special, and don t forget to appreciate what you experienced the next time you attend a live event. You won’t get another chance to do this again, so make the most of it.

Live for now

Now that you’ve had a taste of live concerts, you may feel ready to take the plunge and start attending regularly. If you’ve found a local act you enjoy, consider supporting them with merchandise purchases or even volunteering to work the merch booth. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a friend who works backstage, ask them to hook you up. Finally, don’t forget that you’re bound to encounter others who appreciate live music, and it’s always nice to support a fellow fan


There has never been a more exciting time to visit live shows. The best times of your life might just happen right here, right now. So go ahead and get out there, and rock those socks off!



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