Importance of Music

The importance of Music

Music is an integral part of our lives. We spend more time listening to it than watching TV, spending more time on the internet listening to music, than reading books, and we have more songs downloaded from iTunes than movies!  The article below shows the importance of music.

Importance of Music

Importance of Music: Listening To Music Fights Depression

The World Health Organization reports that nearly 300 million people around the world suffer from depression. Research proves that listening to music has proven significantly reduced symptoms of depression such as fatigue, hopelessness, tiredness, and loneliness. One study (Tobías et al 2004) even found that depressed patients who listened to music had a faster recovery rate after heart surgery than those who didn’t listen to music.

Importance of Music: Listening To Music Improves Your Memory

Several studies show that music improves mental processes, including memory. For example, according to Johns Hopkins Hospital (2013), “listening to music during brain surgery improved the surgical team’s ability to recall what happened.” Another study showed that elderly adults who listen to music performed better on tests of cognitive function than those who did not listen to music (Fernyhough et al. 2010).

Listening To Music Helps Keep Children Calm

Research shows that children who listen to calming music have lower blood pressure, less anxiety, and fewer behavioral problems. Many hospitals now use music as a way to keep children calm before surgery, giving them something to look forward to instead of dreading anesthesia.

Importance of Music: Listening To Music Makes Us Happy

A simple experiment conducted by researchers from Northwestern University proved that hearing happy music made participants happier than sad music. According to the article: “Hearing happy music increased activity in regions of the brain associated with pleasure center’s, whereas sad music activated regions associated with emotional arousal” (Panksepp & Berlatsky 2011).

Importance of Music: Listening To Music Builds Self Confidence

A study published in the journal “Emotion” found that when people listened to pieces of music they liked, their self-esteem grew. This suggests that music plays a vital role in building confidence and reinforcing positive thinking.

Importance of Music: Listening To Music Increases Our Creativity

Researchers at North Umbria University found that listening to music increases creativity by up to 30% (Naughton 2014). The same effect was seen in people who played video games (Baker 2012).

Listening To Music Gives Us Hope

Researchers at the University Of Iowa discovered that listening to uplifting music can increase our motivation and help us cope with difficult situations (Snyder 2006).

Listening To Music Opens Up Our Mind And Body

According to science, music is an integral part of human life because it helps us learn about ourselves. We use it for many reasons, including learning more about ourselves, feeling more connected, exploring new places, and even having fun!

Listening To Music Is An Art

It is also therapy. We have all heard stories – both good and bad – about the impact music has on people’s lives. While some people believe that certain songs should be banned, others believe that music is so powerful, it even changes reality. But is this true? Does music change anything? Let’s find out.

Listening To Music Can Help You Get Through A Tough Day At Work

If you’re going through a rough day, it might seem like your only option is to turn on the radio or open iTunes. However, there are other ways to make work easier.

When You Are In Pain, Music Can Help You Feel Better And Heal Faster

Music gives you the ability to release stress and tension through your body and affects your entire being. It allows you to feel emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, love, fear, gratitude, excitement, confusion, joy, and peace. Through music, you can connect with these feelings within yourself, and express them through singing or playing instruments. Through this process, healing occurs inside of you.


Music is one of the best choices for stress relief! The article reflects the importance of music in our lives and that its good for our health. There are different types of relaxing music videos and sounds. Moreover, you can listen to music whilst playing online casino games either for free or for real money and have entertainment.


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